You work in daylight and sleep at night. Parents work in daylight and parenting at night.

You work in daylight and sleep at night. Parents work in daylight and parenting at night.


Parenthood is sweet and full of love ay? Babies are nice. They are sweet, they smell good and they bring endless joy to the family eh? True however just like everything else. There is a good and there is a down side. Today, I am going to talk about the down side of parenthood especially the early stage. To all the moms and dads out there, we want you to know that in our eye you are the greatest parents ever and you have our full respect on the sacrifice made for your children. (Hats off to you and 90 degree bow)


Today I am going to share with you some tips and tricks to make those early times a bit more manageable. A new born baby can throw a lot of challenges for new parents. Daily tasks such as cooking, washing and cleaning would be a massive change from now on. According to most new parents, those daily challenges are tough but most parents agree they are manageable. Over 80% parents vote that the most challenging parenting task is sleep deprivations and for some of them it creates a lot of problems physically and mentally.


Take care of yourself

It seems completely normal and I know it might means absolute “crock of shit” to some of fire-breathing restless moms. Remember to breath in and breath out, slow down your breathing usually helps. Don’t expect everything will be perfect in fact it is an unrealistic expectation that things will run smoothly. The changes that a newborn baby brings to a household are far ranging, and go beyond the asleep: awake continuum.

Creating a cool-relaxing environment is not the answer for sleepless nights but it helps. A lot of parent focuses entirely on the baby’s room, sleeping aid this and that. Remember your wellbeing is essential to your child’s wellbeing, don’t forget about your own bedroom and invest into better bedding, linens, beds etc. You don’t get a lot of sleep and the often thing that pushes parent off the emotional edge is uncomfortable bedding when they already have very limited alone rest time.



Time-out might sound impossible for some new parents especially they don’t have someone to rely on. Bonding in the first few days and weeks are essential for both child and the parent. Taking time away from those moments can feel emotionally fraught. If there is support available such as your parents, or siblings, try to take shorter breaks (such as a hot shower alone, couple hours nap or a quick jog around the block) According to most parents, they would die for couple hours of undisturbed sleeps. Taking these small breaks, you can provide your body and brain some fresh air and much-needed rest/sleeps. It helps a lot restoring the energy that you need and will lead to less ongoing physical and emotional fatigue.


Take it Slow and Adjust as it goes

A lot of parents are focusing so hard on re-arranging their houses, the baby’s room, their habits, their timetable and theoretical needs for their unborn baby. The preparation itself creates tremendous amount of stress and sleepless night even before the newborn baby. The trick to implementing sustainable changes is to “Adjust as it goes”. Sometimes getting everything ready before the newborn is not necessary because not everything will go according to your plan. Not finding success in a separate baby’s room? Move the baby to the cot in the main bedroom temporarily. Baby doesn’t want to sleep in the cot? Try co-sleeping on the main bed. Incremental changes are essential for new parents. It provides you the flexibility to adapt to changes naturally and sustainably without creating more stress and sleepless night for yourself and the baby.


To All beautiful mothers, I want you to remember

During those, dark, quiet hours in the middle of the night, it could be refreshing and relaxing due to lack of distractions from the noise and non-sense from daily work life. Baby’s needs are usually simple: to be held and fed. And I know mothers are experts that can fulfilled the needs for their babies. The feeling of satisfying your child in the middle of dark, quiet nights could be quite satisfying. To all the tired moms out there, these sleepless nights are tough but short-lived. Your baby and you will be sleeping more soundly before long. When one day, he/she is holding a baby of their own, they will start appreciating what you have done for them.