We truly believe our mattresses provide the best performance, quality and value for money along with the best customer service. You will often see us replying to enquiries or discussing the quality of the foam after hours. When you need us to answer a question, we are here. This is why we are different from normal mattress retailers.


Every product you buy, you would like to compare in order to make the best decision. At R&B Bedding, we totally support that and will actually do an informative comparison with you. In the mattress industry, one of the hardest parts is to make an apples to apples comparison. This leads us to the next point of why we are different.


For years and years, online / brick and mortar mattress retailers have made it almost impossible for consumers to compare between their mattresses with what is available in the market. They are not willing to share what is inside the mattress, nor do they explain about the difference in quality of the raw materials. Sometimes you might come across a sales guy that doesn’t have any real knowledge of what’s inside their mattress. At R&B Bedding, we are not here to teach you how to make a mattress however we will help you determine what is a good mattress. How to determine the quality of the foam. How to determine the quality of the support layer. In R&B Bedding, we believe knowledge leads to better decisions.  Before you make a purchasing decision, make sure you know what you are paying for.

Value for Money

Our mattresses with their comparable quality, performance and composition provide much better value for similar priced alternatives. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes by asking ourselves on essential question – ‘if I am paying that amount of money for a mattress, will I be satisfied with the value that I get?’

Our philosophy

For years being in the mattress industry, we have seen countless of business owners who are working hard to make the most money or profit without caring about the quality. At R&B Bedding, we believe success is not determined by how much money you make. Success is how much positive difference you make for the people that you interact with. We truly believe that with the positive impacts we bring to people’s lives, success will come along.