Which one better? Bed Frames vs Foundation Bases

Ever wonder what’s better for your new favourite mattress? Is a bed frame better? Or a foundation base better?

Today I will break down the pros and cons for both of them.

Bed Frames

Our King size Divine Plus mattress with vintage hardwood bed frame
Our King size Divine Plus mattress with vintage hardwood bed frame (Divine Plus mattress)
Our Queen size Divine mattress on a stylish grey bed frame

Bed Frames are also referred to as platform beds. It often comes with a head and footboard, with many wooden slats running from side to side, preferably no more than 8cm apart. When using a platform bed, your sleep surface will often be lower to the ground than it would be on a foundation base.
Bed Frames are common in the market, and they are easy to find too.


  1. They look good in the room! There are tons of styles and options in the market to suit your preference.
  2. You will have a bedhead to lean on for reading.
  3. More accessible to transport, they can be taken apart in pieces when moving.
  4. Some bed frames have storage option e.g. extra drawers


  1. They required assembling and also required dissembling for moving.
  2. Weight distribution tends to be less effective comparing to the foundation base.
  3. Difficult to change your bedding. Mattresses sometimes could sit into the bed frame. If you have a heavy mattress, it is difficult to lift the mattress and change your sheets and linens.
  4. Difficult to move once it is assembled

Foundation Base (The Ensemble)

Our Queen Divine mattress with an ensemble base (Divine mattress)
Our Queen size Serenity mattress on an ensemble base with 4 drawers and a matching bedhead (Serenity mattress)



We called the foundation base “the ensemble.”

It is a “box” but provides a flat, rigid surface.

An ensemble base is typically made out of wood, with many wooden slats running from side to side like a platform bed.


  1. Your bed will be higher. If you prefer a tall bed, this can be a good option for you.
  2. It gives your mattress a more sturdy foundation and absorbs shock from abnormal movements.
  3. Take less room in the room (ideal for minimalists or individuals who required more walking space around the bed)
  4. Easy to transport, required no assembling or disassembling.
  5. Even weight distribution prevents the mattress from sagging, improving the lifespan of your bed.
  6. Cost-effective, they are generally cheaper than a bed frame.


  1. They are less stylish than platform beds. It is a “box” under the mattress.
  2. Foundations could be too firm as it does not allow any give in the material.
  3. It might cost more to transport as it can be bulky and heavy at times.



So which one is better? A Bed Frame or a foundation Base?

Well, the only person who can decide is you.

We will have different preferences and needs so you might prefer this and others prefer that.

Always check with a trusted consultant while choosing your new mattress and bed.

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