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We understand we are all built differently and will require different level of support and comfort. We have summarized the most important questions when choosing a new mattress. We then narrow down couple options that are recommended according to your/your family needs.

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Quick Tips

At R&B bedding, we are here to help people just like you to pick the correct bed for yourself.

Before you go into mattress shop and start laying on 6-7 beds, there are a few things you should consider.

Always go for the biggest size you can fit in your room. The first thing that stops you from having a good night’s sleep is to have a bed that’s too small for you.

There are hundreds of choices in the market. Always do your research and have a budget in mind. You can’t expect a $99 mattress to last ten years with 8 hours of use per day, but at the same time, you don’t want to go crazy spending your life savings on a 4-5k mattress.

That is why most people will go for something in between. Do your research before you go into a store to have a general idea of how much a good quality mattress usually costs.

No mattress is perfect for every single one of us. Each person will require different firmness and support. It is essential to try before you buy and knowing that’s the firmness that will make yourself and your partner comfortable.

Spending about 30 seconds to a minute on a bed without changing position is the best way to test out if the firmness is right for you.

The right firmness should allow you to lay on the bed in any position without moving for a minute or two, and you should not be feeling sore anywhere after trying the bed.