Things you need to consider when buying your new mattress besides firmness and price

How thick should the mattress be?

When hunting your new favorite mattress, the thickness of the mattress is just as important as the comfort of the mattress. Why?

Because the fear of falling off bed will keep most people awake especially if you are elderly.

So what is a good height then?

To put it in perspective, you shouldn’t feel the need climbing up to your bed.

There are a couple of factors you need to consider

Type of bed frame or foundation base you have

I have covered the topic of (Bed Frames vs Foundation Bases)

When buying your new mattress, if you decide to keep your old existing bed or foundation base, it is completely fine.

If you are having a solid wooden bed frames, you want to pay attention to the thickness of the mattress so it doesn’t end up like this.

If you are keeping your existing foundation base, the ideal height of your bed should be around the middle of your thigh.

That way you will be able to get up from your bed comfortably.

(Our Queen Supreme Comfort Mattress sitting on an existing foundation base)

Besides the height of your new bed, you should also be considering the weight of your new mattress

How hard is it when I am changing my bedding?

One important factor most people would forget to think of – How hard is it for me to change sheets and bedding for the new bed? How heavy is the mattress?

Everything that goes into a mattress that is top quality will be heavier than cheaper counterpart materials.

A better quality mattress will be heavier than a cheaper, less dense, less durable mattress.

Does that mean I have to use a foundation base if I want to sleep on something decent? – Nope!

This bed frame will still allow you to change your sheets comparing to this….

If your mattress sits inside your bed frame, changing your sheets and bedding might not be as easy as it should.



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