How do you smell dishonest sales associates and stores?

How do you smell dishonest sales associates and stores?

A friend of mine has come to me and said “Bowie I think your industry is a scam.”

I said “I agree. There are indeed a lot of dishonest and sleazy sales associates and businesses in my industry.” He then looked at me shocked and couldn’t believe I actually agree with him. He thought I would be arguing with him why he is not correct. Here is one thing. There are a lot of tricks and gimmick in my industry to drive consumers into a buying decision whether it’s a heavy discount on spot or limited time offers etc. Below I will be sharing some tricks and techniques that furniture stores and mattress sales associates use to manipulate consumers into a buying decision. Also I will also be sharing what you should be looking for when talking to a sales representative. What rings your internal alarm bell?


Number 1 – The Sales representative constantly talk about the price

Price usually is what buyers focus on after all it’s all about how much you need to pay. Sales associates and stores are well aware that and often use discount or massive sale period etc to encourage consumers to buy NOW. While it is completely normal for a store to offer discounts to lower their overstocks, it becomes quite alarming when you hear 50% or 70% sale every second week of the month. Buyers should also understand if a sales person always talks about the price and what you are willing to pay. It’s very likely that he/she doesn’t really care about how well you sleep. He/she cares about how much you pay them.


Price/Budget on the other hand is an important factor but it should not be on the top of your list. A good sales representative will find out about your budget and suggest options within. If your budget is too low, a good associate will point out that with your current budget. It’s going to be difficult to get something decent that lasts comfortably for 8-10 years.


Number 2 – The Sales representative should care about your need NOT what they sell

If the sales representative is constantly pushing one brand or a model over other options, it is usually something that pays him/her the fattest commission. They are probably not looking out for your best interests.


A good representative on the other hand will place your need above their own and explain how a particular model fulfils that need.




Number 3 – They always are willing to drop price substantially. Is the price from the first place too high to start with? Does the product really worth that much?

After the sales representative constantly asking how much you willing to pay, they proceed to come out with some “I like you, you seem like a good Guy.” discount or limited time offer. You can get this price if you get this NOW. What a lot of consumers don’t see is that sales representative and stores are always willing to offer a $500+ discount anytime of the year. Buyers might think it’s a good offer. I will save $500 bucks because I buy right away. This usually is a signal of overpaying a product that does not worth that much in the first place.

A good mattress representative on the hand focus on the value that the product deliver and offer lower price options if the budget is really out of range.


Number 4 – Bashing their competition

Pointing out differences between their products and their competitors can be done without bashing their competition. Slamming their competitors is not something a good sales representative do. A good sales representative will know the advantages and disadvantages their competitors have and contrast it for you. A good sales representative will be willing to compare themselves and their competitors with you because they place your needs above their own.

Our Thoughts in R&B Bedding

When it comes to getting the right mattress for you or your family, price should not be on the top of the list. While some people might say I am arrogant by saying that simply because some people simply can’t afford it. Here is my response. You are buying something that you and your family are sleeping on 8 hours a day and because you want to SAVE the money. They are putting up with a lower quality mattress and less healthy sleep while you are more than happy to spend couple hundred bucks for a few nights in that nice getaway resort with a high end bed. Is $1000 good quality mattress (works out $100 a year $20cents a night) really that expensive? For me, my comfort always come first, my family comfort comes first and my customers comfort comes first. Are you still putting up with the mattress that you dislike just because you want to save the money?



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