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Daisy Dream


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Are you a big fan of Bamboo fabric? Bamboo Charcoal fabric provides many health benefits which some of you may not know. Check out our “Product technology” page to discover the benefits of the Bamboo Charcoal fiber.

Daisy Dream Plus


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Pretty impressed by our Daisy Dream mattress but feel like something is missing? Well the upgraded version of our Daisy Dream mattress “Daisy Dream Plus” would be a mattress that you wouldn’t take your eyes off so easily.



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The Divine mattress is one of our most popular mattress. With the firmness rating 7/10, it provides a very supportive sleeping surface without feeling too hard. Natural Latex Layer provides a nice cushioning comfort and contour the natural curve of your body.

Divine Plus


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Looking for something that’s FIRM? And when I say “firm” I mean “HARD”! Our “Divine Plus” mattress won’t disappoint you. With the firmness rating of 9 out of 10, the “Divine Plus” mattress is designed extra “Hard” that it feels like you are sleeping on top of a nice soft carpet floor.



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Combining body-hugging comfort and temperature regulation, the Elegance mattress synthesizes conformability and support coupled with Viscoelastic memory foam, this mattress creates a cradling feeling that is unique to you.

Elegance Plus


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What more can you ask for from a mattress? Double sided pillowtop? Yes! I want minimum partner disturbance!? Okay! I want it nice and plush on the top. No problem! I want something cool to sleep on. I get hot at night. No problem. Check out the Elegance plus mattress!

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Plush Heaven


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With luxurious plush feeling, the Plush Heaven mattress perfectly utilizes the advance 5 zones pocket spring system to evenly distribute our body weight.



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When it comes to your main bedroom, you want your mattress to be luxurious and top-notch quality. We are proud to say the Serenity mattress is one of the best mattress we make and one of the best pocket-sprung structure mattress you can find in the market.Two comfort layers on one side allow WAY more support and firmness for our body weight. Don’t forget our supportive 5 zones pocket spring system as the core support unit, on top of that, a layer of high density wave foam and highest quality PU comfort foam working as the second support layer therefore we can ensure it will be a mattress that will provide loads of support.

Snooze Easy


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When it comes to buying a new mattress, comfort is important, but budget obviously is another important factor too. When it comes to getting quality comfort while keep within your budget. Snooze Easy is one of our cost-effective model while giving a nice heathy support from our premium 5 zone pocket spring system.