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When it comes to buying a new mattress, comfort is essential, but budget is another crucial factor. When it comes to getting quality comfort while keeping within your budget, this mattress has all the elements for a quality good night’s sleep. It still has our signature pockets springs system. It has a plush foam euro top for comfort. After a medium mattress with a budget? We highly encourage you to try this one in our showroom.

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Firmness rating 5/10

Having a 5 out of 10 firmness rating means you still receive lots of comforts and cushioning without losing the support. Being a medium mattress provides good cushioning for side sleepers and not being too soft if you are a tummy sleeper. If you prefer a soft bed, we highly encourage you to check out this mattress.

Durable Temperature Tempered Pocketed Coils

With six turns and thick gauge coils, you can rest assured your pocket spring system will last a long time. Individual movements of springs offer excellent conformance as well as very little motion transfer.

Minimal partner disturbance

Any movement is absorbed and isolated locally, which means that your partner will not feel movement on one side of the mattress on the other side. So if your partner tosses and turns or gets out of bed before you, you should remain undisturbed.

High density Air-cool foam Comfort Layer

High-Density Comfort foam provides softness and cushioning to the mattress. Cushioning tends to allow side sleepers to stay in the same posture for a much more extended period without feeling the need to switch sides leads to deeper quality sleep for side sleepers.

Reinforced edges

Supportive reinforced edges allow you to sleep or sit on the edge without feeling “falling off,” so you can fully utilize the sleep surface. You won’t have to keep sleeping in the middle.

10 years factory warranty

Sleep soundly in the knowledge that your new mattress is designed and manufactured to the highest standards and covered by our ten years factory guarantee

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 203 × 153 × 32 cm

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