At R&B bedding, we proudly design our mattress range from scratch. We create our mattresses to deliver you a better-quality sleep. To achieve that, our mattresses need to focus on four main areas.

Support, Comfort, Breathability and Durability.


We are here to breakdown pros and cons of each material so you can pick what material tends to benefit you best to achieve that quality slumber.


“You must always invest in good shoes and a high-quality bed, as if you are not in one, you are in the other.”


At R&B bedding, we are here to provide professional advice on picking the right mattress for yourself and your loved family.

Slide " We specialize in building hybrid mattresses. What is a Hybrid mattress? Hybrid mattress means the mattress will have both springs and foam inside. There are 2 main spring systems we use, and they are Bonnell Spring System and our signature 5 zones pocket springs system. "
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Bonnell Spring system is a more traditional style innerspring system. This system is made by heating steel and bending it into the right dimensions for the Bonnell Spring shape, then interconnecting with multiple springs.

Pros: It is a cost-effective innersprings system while being very supportive.

Cons: It does not perform very well in partner disturbance and tend to be less effective contouring our body shapes.

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Pocket Spring System is a very popular support unit modern mattresses use nowadays. Each spring will be wrapped in a woven pocket and will have its individual moments.

Pros: It performs well in motion transfer and does an excellent job minimizing partner disturbance.

It contours our body shapes well, so it works well for side sleepers.

It can have zoning support. In our case, 5 zones support unit can help contouring our body shapes better.

Cons: It can be heavy for some people. Having a good supportive pocket springs unit will carry a bit of weight so if you are looking for a light mattress. You should check the weight of the mattress.

Some lower quality pocket spring units can be less supportive since they could be using less springs and thinner coils as well.


Slide " We use different materials in our comfort layers to alter the feeling and firmness of our mattresses. We mainly use High Density Foam, Natural Latex Layer and Visco Memory Foam. "
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When it comes to foam quality, how do you determine if the foam is good quality? It will significantly help with your research if you understand foam grades. By having a basic understanding of how foam grades work, you will compare pricing for different mattresses.

Manufacturers can produce two mattresses with the same feeling and look; however, one has high-density foam and the second one with lower-density foam.

Both mattresses will have the same look and feel; however, one mattress will last ten years, and the other only lasts 5. The density of foam has a direct relationship with how well the foam will keep its shape.

If a mattress is very light in weight, it likely contains a lot of air within the foam particles, and over time, it might not stay in the same shape.

We use Natural Talalay Latex layer in our latex models. Talalay Latex Layer is famous for comforting and offers a softer feeling comparing with Dunlop Latex.

This Comfort Layer offers its unique balance of softness with proper support of your body. It has excellent pressure-relief property and works great for side sleepers.

Natural Latex itself has various health benefits as well. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

It also has excellent body pressure distribution property, which health professionals usually recommend.

Latex is also considered one of the most durable bedding materials used in mattresses.

Viscoelastic Foam is another term for Memory Foam. It is a special form of polyurethane foam. The main difference between memory foam and other Foam is its slow response property and no resistance feeling.

Its soft surface allows for better contouring and improves pressure-relief features.
Like other Foam, it is important to understand the density and components of the memory foam layers.

Lower quality memory foam could have issues with off-gassing and sagging.


Slide " When it comes to breathability of our mattresses. It is crucial to pick suitable fabrics and coverings. You could have the fanciest gel, foam, or most extraordinary materials in the bed, but you will still feel hot if you have an unbreathable cover and trap all your body heat. "