Why is my mattress hot? 6 Important Tips to prevent overheating while sleeping

I get this question a lot. “Bowie, are your mattresses hot?” The most common question hot sleepers ask. “Is the mattress hot?” Here is the truth. “No mattress is hot because mattresses don’t generate heat but they do hold onto your body heat.” The heat-retaining department within the mattress is the foam and every single […]

7 Ways to make your expensive mattress last longer

How do you make your expensive mattress last? You have finally found your dream mattress and it has a big price tag on it. While many factors can alter the lifespan of a mattress, there are things we can do to make your expensive mattress last. Keeping your mattress dry and clean is always a […]

How to clean your expensive mattress?

You have finally finished your long, painful mattress hunt and finally found that awesome mattress for you and your partner. Now let’s make sure you have all the tips to clean your new awesome expensive pocket sprung mattress. 1)How to get wee out your mattress? When the bed is wet, cover the area with baby […]

You don’t feel comfortable in your only comfort zone. Why?

You don’t feel comfortable in your only comfort zone. Why? People say “Get out of your comfort zone!”, “Try new things!”, “Say yes to that new opportunity” Blah Blah Blah. I get it but what if “I don’t have a comfort zone”? You see as a parent, a partner, a spouse. We always encourage our […]