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Slide About R&B Bedding We are much more than just a mattress maker.
We research and design different materials and designs with one single goal.

"That is to improve sleep quality for Everyday Australian." More than Just
A Mattress Maker

Slide See Our Mattress Designs Not the online bed in a box We make traditional luxurious pocket sprung mattresses. Our mattresses are not rolled into a box.

We believe a strong pocketed springs mattress shouldn't be compressed into a box. A full-sized mattress is better for the durability and supportiveness of the mattress in the long term.

Slide Ready for Better Quality Sleep? Find out your sleeping needs Whether you like a soft mattress or a firm one. If you sleep on your sides, your back or your stomach, we believe there is a mattress for you. Try Our Mattress Quiz

Slide Hand crafted to deliver SLEEP "Does this make it more comfortable to sleep on?" This is the most asked question within our organization.

While we are being very open-minded and constantly looking for new materials and designs, our focus is never the feature of particular methods and materials.
Our focus is always on
"Does it help people sleep deeper and better?"
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