Hard mattress = Good for my back?

Hard mattress = Good for my back?

Over the years I have encountered countless customers requesting a hard mattress due to back issue. Some customers are already on a very hard mattress yet they think their back is still hurting due to the mattress is not firm enough. Roughly 80% of adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and for millions this is a chronic, lifelong condition. Back pain is also a leading contributor to poor health and early mortality. Below I will be explaining a bit more about how to pick the right firmness for yourself.


Questions to ask yourself before picking a mattress

1. What sort of sleeper am I? Do I sleep on my back, on my side, on my stomach or combination of all of them?

2.What’s the main reason that I am not happy about my sleep at the moment?

  • Partner disturbance?
  • Back aching?
  • Circulation problem? Pins and needles on arm fingers or sore hips?
  • Temperature? The bed is too hot or cold to sleep on?
  • Sleep Disorder such as Insomnia? Sleep Apnea? Restless leg Syndrome? Narcolepsy?

3. Budget – How much money are you prepare to spend and what are the realistic options within that budget?

4. What size am I looking for? Always trying to get the biggest bed you can fit in the room as the first thing that stops you from having a good night sleep is having a mattress that’s too small.

5. Do I have a medical condition that needs to be carefully looked at? such as Lordosis, Obesity, Osteoarthritis etc


What to Look For in a Mattress for Back Pain?

As mentioned above, I have encountered countless customers looking for a HARD mattress because it is good for the back. In reality, we don’t necessarily need a HARD mattress for our back. We need a SUPPORTIVE mattress for our back. In here, I will be talking what you should be looking for inside your next new mattress.

Most consumers looking for a mattress nowadays experience some sort of chronic lumbar discomfort whether it’s from unhealthy life style or unhealthy work habits. Getting the hardest mattress in the market usually is not the most effective solution to relief the discomfort.

Two things in your next mattress: Support and Comfort

Support: How well is the mattress supporting my weight? Now a firmer mattress is usually a more supportive mattress. That is why majority of consumers prefer a FIRM mattress because it has more support hence better for my back. Well that is partly true but to achieve the healthy correct spinal alignment, having just a solid surface won’t be enough.

Our human spine is naturally a slight S shape therefore we do need to conforming sleeping surface to contour that natural curve of our spine and sometimes a solid flat sleeping surface isn’t necessarily the best at contouring the shape.


How well the mattress contour the natural curve of our body? The better the mattress contours the shape of our body, the better it relieves pressure points and more comfortable the sleep will be. When we sleep on our side, our main pressure points will be our shoulder and hip area. That is why side sleepers or a lighter person are usually not a fan of a FIRM mattress as it puts a lot of pressure on their shoulders and hips which causes numbness on those area due to circulation cut off.

Here is a graph demonstrating our human body sleeping on our side.
1st Mattress being too soft allowing hip area sink in too much causing spine curves downwards
2nd Mattress being too hard pushes spine upwards causing an upward curves

Why R&B Bedding?

When it comes to high quality mattresses, people automatically assume it’s going to cost thousands of dollars. While some high quality mattresses are indeed with big price tags, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be providing a peaceful night sleeps for you and your partner. It hurts my feeling even imagining purchasing an expensive mattress which provide no improvements on sleep quality.

We have everyday low prices and these prices are always lower than our competitor’s prices on comparative mattresses. Being the designer and directly quality controlling and supervising manufacturing of our products means you buy at factory direct pricing which our major competitors cannot offer. Our mattresses are always better constructed and specified at a lower price.

At R&B Bedding, we understand how hard it is to choose the right mattress upon laying on the mattress for 10 minutes and we certainly don’t expect our valued customers to stuck with something that they don’t like for a long period of time. That is why we offer a 30 nights comfort exchange guarantee. If for any reason, you feel like the mattress is a bit too soft or too firm within the 30 nights period. We will exchange with an equal value product absolutely FREE. That way you can assure the money you spend is getting something that you like.

One thing we all hate is waiting extended period of time for something that we paid for IN FULL! At R&B Bedding, we don’t believe that’s a fair thing as well. All our Adelaide Metro delivery time frame are within 3 business days and that’s a promise. We do deliver after-hours as well. We are 100% committed into provide world-class customer service and customer satisfaction is always our priority. Check us out on google and Facebook and join thousands of our satisfied customers TODAY.