Go to Sleep like Going to the Gym

Go to Sleep like Going to the Gym

Healthy Lifestyle What is healthy lifestyle?

Most people will say healthy diet and plenty of exercise in the gym.

Most people would think sleep is important too but how exactly to manage a health sleep.

Just like healthy diet, and exercise, healthy sleep pattern might cause a little bit of discomfort and takes discipline to achieve as well.

Today I am going to talk about why Diet, exercise and sleep are equally important and how we should treat our sleep better.

It requires motivation and discipline.

You have to be mentally ready and motivate yourself to get down and workout in the gym.

Sleep is no different.

You have to resolve and motivate yourself into a regular sleep routine then maintain it.

You will have to priorities and protect your sleep.

You have to do what is necessary to reap the benefit of a good night sleep.

It is not always easy. It requires strong commitment and high level of discipline.

When you can tackle your sleep routine like your treadmill routine, believe me you will see a real change to how you feel and your overall well-being.

The more you do, the easier it gets

Just like exercise, the more you get in the gym it gets easier for you as you gain fitness.

Sleep is no different.

You can train yourself to sleep better.

The more time you stick to the sleep pattern, the easier for your body to get to sleep.

Consistency and Routines are the key

If you want to get a real gain in exercise, working out for 8 straight hours is not going to get you anywhere.

You need to have consistent workout plan and follow it.

Sleep again is no different.

You simply can’t sleep 15 straight hours on weekend and expect you have caught up all the sleep you lost during the week.

Regular and consistent sleep routine is what necessary.

You have to schedule and priorities your regular sleep routine.

Once again, if you follow your sleep routine like you strictly following your workout plan, you will see the result quite dramatically.

You need the right equipment

You put on comfy running shoes, breathable active wear or maybe a good-looking personal trainer to make a difference in performance and comfort level.

You will find out the truth to this if you exercise regularly.

Your painful, incorrect footwear will stop you from running.

An old crappy fitness center kills the motivation of going to gym.

Sleep is no different.

Your bedroom is your fitness center and your bed is your running shoes and sport wear.

When it comes to sleep, your bed and mattress are the ‘basic’ gear that will shape your sleep experience.

It pays to get it right and lead to restful sleep.

Just like painful running shoes, it is physically impossible to have comfortable deep sleep if your back is sore and springs is poking your back the whole time.

Understanding and help is worthy

A effective workout or diet plan requires knowledge.

Physical fitness is a technical discipline.

It is always a good idea to learn different technique, different equipment, different work-out routine and different dietary plan to tackle your particular goal.

Having a gym instructor, a personal trainer and nutritionist always help.

Sleep again works the same way.

As much as you think you are an expert of exercise and sleep because you are capable of doing both.

There are still a lot to be learn and gain from the specialist I.e personal trainer, sleep specialist.

Many of us tend to underestimate how sleep works because we can fall asleep pretty much anywhere.

However when you start protecting your healthy sleep routine and maintain it, it opens the door to real sleep benefit and achieve that refreshing feel that you forgot long time ago.

Performance and Quality matters

Whether you are buying decent bike or running shoes, there are 2 main types.

There are fashion type where it looks fantastic but have an average performance.

On the other hand, there are performance type and those performance type sometimes does not look fancy or “WOW” however it fits its purpose.

It performs exceptionally well.

For running shoes or sport wear, well I do agree the fashion is quite important too as people will see how I look.

When it comes down the bed, I personally will try on the most boring one in the room first.

Let’s think about it. If it is so boring-looking and old fashioned, why is it still on the display.

It might be something good about it right.

On the other hand, flashy-looking mattress is the one that I am a bit cautious of.

I want to make sure it’s not just a fluffy good looking mattress because no one is seeing it.

It is extremely important for a mattress that respond and fit you perfectly.

It should of be quality that reflects your investment and is guaranteed to last as well.

So now you know how to tackle to get those sleep benefit. My question is “Do you have what it takes to reap those benefits?”

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