About Our Products

Do you offer a trial period?

Many customers have complained to us how they got stuck with the wrong mattress for them. “It’s great in the showroom but it stinks in my bedroom!” We have heard this many times. That’s why we strongly encourage our customers to utilise our 30 night comfort trial period. We encourage customers to give it a week to get used to the new sleep surface. Each and every customer of ours will receive a follow-up phone call after a week to ensure the mattress has done its job and sleep quality has substantially improved. By any chance if the mattress is too firm or too soft, we will exchange for a firmer or softer mattress of the same value for no cost. (Adelaide Metro ONLY) If you decide you want to upgrade your mattress model, simply pay the difference in price.

Does your mattress provide zero partner disturbance?

Yes! With our high definition 5 zone pocket springs system, it prevents movement from restless partners as well as distributing your weight evenly. It passes the red wine test with ease. (video proof coming soon)

How does your mattresses compare to a foam mattress or mattress in a box?

Comparisons are essential during a purchase. It is a reasonable size investment and you don’t want it turn to a reasonable size mistake. When we do a comparison, we look at the good and the bad for both type of mattresses. At R&B Bedding, we are not here to tell your how amazingly comfortable our mattresses are. We are here to educate how they are better, how they are more comfortable and how they are better value for the money that you spend. That is what we called an ‘informative educated purchase decision’. Talk to our comfort consultants to discuss about an unbiased comparison instead of a “one-sided how great our mattress is” sales pitch.

What happens to those mattresses that are returned?

We do not re-sell any used and returned mattresses. They will all be processed via our mattress recycling partners.

Are your mattresses suitable for people with a bad back?

A large portion of Australians will suffer some sort of back issue. It is wrong for people to expect one good mattress will help with all bad backs. There are different types of back issue i.e muscle or nerve / lower or upper,  Certain firmness of mattress will work better with different issues. Talk to our highly trained comfort consultants to identify your situation so our consultants will be able to offer a more accurate solution for your needs.

How can I be sure your mattresses are the best available?

This is why we encourage people to do extensive research themselves. Load yourself up with tons of questions for the store that you interact with. A reputable retailer is more than happy to go though all your concerns and seek for the best solutions for you. At R&B Bedding, we love questions! The more information you share with us, the more accurate we can get you the right balance between comfort and support for your new mattress.

I have not tried any of your mattress, so why should I buy one from a website?

You are absolutely right. Always try before you buy. Yes there are a lot of money back guarantee offers when you shop for a mattress online, however there are often many hoops to jump through to return a mattress not suitable for you. Our showroom is open 6 days a week 10am-5pm everyday, we have Tuesdays off for family time at the beach however inquiry phone calls are warmly welcome on any day.

Will it work on an electrical adjustable bed?

Unfortunately no our mattresses are designed for slatted or flat surface bed base.

How and why are your mattresses so competitively priced?

Answer is easy. The mattress is straight out from the factory door to your door. The middle guy who handle your mattress is properly the delivery driver.

I don't feel like I'm getting a good night's sleep. Can your mattresses help?

There are many factors that affect sleep quality. Our mattresses can certainly help you however it is important that you let us know about your personal preferences and any pain issues. Talk to our comfort consultants and let us know when, why and which part of your body you are not comfortable with so that we can be more accurate when matching you with the right mattress.

Delivery & Orders

How soon can I receive my order?

Reliable and prompt delivery is one of the principle that we take very seriously. For Adelaide metro deliveries, if the order comes in before mid-day, it will be a same day delivery and most of the orders are delivered the next business day unless advised a specific delivery date.

Can I choose the delivery time or date?


Will the courier call me prior to delivery or give me an ETA?

Communication is everything. Yes we don’t just show up to your house or leaving you home waiting whole day. We usually provide a 2 hours window for metro deliveries and at least 2 hours’ notice before the actual delivery.

If I cannot stay home all day, what alternative delivery options are available to me?

We know your time is as valuable as everyone else. We will confirm a delivery time frame and deliver within the time frame so you won’t need to sit home whole day.

Do you deliver at weekends?

Yes we do! We only take Tuesday off.

Will the courier bring the items into my property?

Our delivery service is limited to ground floor access due to safety work standard unless other arrangement was made before. We do deliver the mattress inside the premises so it doesn’t get affected by the weather.

Any unanswered questions?