About Our Mattresses

Where can I test these R&B mattresses?

You are welcome to test these mattresses in our showroom. The showroom is at Unit 5/21 Beafield Rd, Para Hills West. If it is too difficult to get our showroom, you can also use our Mattress Selector and get recommendations according to your builts and needs. If you find the mattress you picked isn’t right for you, you can utilize our 100 nights comfort guarantee and ensure your investment is going towards your sleep, not just the mattress.

How does your 100 nights Comfort Guarantee work?

Just like all relationship, we believe falling in love with something doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey. That is why we give you 100 nights sleeping on your new R&B mattress. If you find the firmness is not right for you, let us know. You can return it and receive a mattress with your preferred firmness. R&B Bedding will cover transportation cost within the Adelaide Metro Area. You only require to pay the price difference if you decide to get a more expensive mattress. We recommend you to try the new mattress for at least 14 days before going through this process.

What is so special about your mattresses comparing with foam mattress and mattress in a box?

We believe traditional style pocket spring mattress with reinforced edge support and various comfort layer is the best style of mattresses for most people. Why?

Heat: Pocket spring is an open innerspring structure and it disburses heat better than any foam mattresses do.

Support: A proper Pocket spring mattresses provide a very consistent support/firmness that lasts a long time. All mattress softens over time. The question is soften by how much and how quick. Pocket spring mattress provides a very consistent firmness. Their firmness is not sensitive to temperature and moisture. Over time, springs always bounce back better comparing to foam.

Durability: A proper pocket spring system should be heat tempered twice before placing its springs into their pockets. Unfortunately, due to budget and the need for meeting a price point, a lot of manufacturers will skip this process and roll the mattress into a box. This will lead to lose of its firmness and support very quickly sometimes less than 5 months. 

Edge Support: Comparing to foam mattresses or other mattresses in a box, traditional style pocket spring or innerspring mattress will offer exceptional edge support allowing you to sleep right up the edge without the rolling off feel.

What happens to those mattresses that are returned?

We do not re-sell any used and returned mattresses. They will all be processed via our mattress recycling partners. Over 75% of our raw materials are recyclable instead of going to landfill. For example, our coils can be recycled and turn into roof sheeting. Our foam can be turned into carpet underlay.

Can I sleep on my R&B mattress right away?

Absolutely! But please wait til our delivery people leave first.

I have not tried any of your mattress, so why should I buy one from a website?

We understand buying a mattress without trying is tough. While we do have a showroom for people who wish to try them out, there are situations where physically going to our showroom extremely difficult. In that case, we have introduced our Mattress Selector to allow them to get recommendations based on their builds, needs and budget etc. Head to our mattress selector here:   Mattress Selector

Will it work on an electrical adjustable bed?

Unfortunately, no our mattresses are designed for slatted or flat surface bed base.

How and why are your mattresses so competitively priced?

We design our very own mattresses. Each model was designed right here in Adelaide. We then picked our materials such as fabrics, fibres, Springs, foam, threads and so on. Each component was carefully examined and quality tested. We then send it to our manufacturer partner for assembling. Because of this process, we were able to achieve great cost efficiency as well as using the highest quality raw materials into our mattresses.

Delivery & Orders

How soon can I receive my order?

Reliable and prompt delivery is one of the principles that we take very seriously. For Adelaide metro deliveries, if the order comes in before mid-day, it will be the same day delivery and most of the orders are delivered the next business day unless advised specific delivery date.

Can I choose the delivery time or date?


Will the courier call me prior to delivery or give me an ETA?

Communication is everything. Yes, we don’t just show up to your house or leaving you home waiting the whole day. We usually provide a 2 hours window for metro deliveries and at least 2 hours’ notice before the actual delivery.

If I cannot stay home all day, what alternative delivery options are available to me?

We know your time is as valuable as everyone else. We will confirm a delivery time frame and deliver within the time frame so you won’t need to sit home the whole day.

Do you deliver on weekends?

We deliver from Monday to Saturday. Our team will be in touch to arrange a delivery time.

Will the courier bring my mattress in the house?

Our Two men delivery service will set up your new mattress for you! We can take away your old mattress too!

Any unanswered questions?