Is a hard mattress really better for back pain?

Many people in Adelaide are sleeping on the wrong mattress every night.


– Wake up with pain during the night 
– Toss and turn till dawn
– Know the mattress is getting old
– See the partner sleeps just fine
– Don’t want to be ‘difficult’ so forget it
– Put up with the sore all day
– Wake up with pain, again 
– Put up with the discomfort for months
– Get confused, tired, and hurt
– Crawl out of bed with a worn-out body
– Repeat daily
– See no sign of recovery
– Once manageable pain grows into lifelong injuries

1 in 3 Australians suffers from poor quality sleep.

Of course, there are many causes of poor sleep, but one of the main reasons is sleeping on the wrong mattress.

Especially for those who have chronic conditions such as:

– Back pain
– Sciatica
– Osteoarthritis
– And people who recently have surgeries done

Not only does their bed give them a bad night’s sleep, but it also worsens their recovery.

8 hours of recovery somehow turn into 8 hours of battling.

So how should pick our bed?

Here are the top 3 mistakes people make when choosing the right mattress.

Mistake #1:
They think a hard/ firm mattress is better for back pain

Hard doesn’t mean supportive.

The right mattress not only should support your body weight, but it should also conform to the natural curve of your spine.

Having just a hard/ firm surface isn’t enough.

Mistake #2:
They buy the ‘best’ mattress, not the right mattress

Everyone’s sleep habit is different.

How the mattress works for other people doesn’t necessarily mean how it will work for you.

Are they a side sleeper? 
Back sleeper? Combination?
How heavy are they? What about the partner?
What’s their medical condition?

Buying a mattress just based on reviews or claims is not always a good idea.

Mistake #3:
They don’t “sleep” on it

The comfort of your bed shouldn’t just be how you feel when you lay on it, but how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Always look for a store who offers a trial period.

If you’re hunting for a new mattress, talk a sleep expert first who can help you narrow down your options so you don’t have to spend hours on trying everything.

After all, we spend 1/3 of our lives on the bed.

Finding the right mattress shouldn’t be guesswork.

If you’re thinking about getting a new mattress or replacing an old one, but you’re not sure what suits your body, have a chat with our sleep expert, Bowie.

You can get a better idea of the pricing and the options that suit you.


Talk to a sleep expert and get recommendations.

✓ Suitable Options ✓ Pricing ✓ Mattress Testing

Everyone deserves to sleep well.

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