How much should I spend on a new Queen size mattress in Australia?

One of the most common questions you might be wondering is, “How much should I spend on a Queen size mattress?” “How much does a queen mattress cost?”

Queen-size mattress ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

With hundreds of options in the market, you can easily be overwhelmed or even confused.

The amount of money you spend on a new mattress will depend on your life situation (e.g., partner), health considerations, firmness preference, and budget.

So “How much should a Queen size mattress cost?

We know buying a new mattress is a stressful thing.

Let us break it down for you, and hopefully, it makes it easier for you to decide how much you want to spend on your next new mattress.

Generally speaking, you can get a very good quality Queen size mattress for between 1000-2000 dollars.

That being said, the cost is only a portion of how satisfied you will be with your new mattress.

Queen mattress under $500

The first price point is a Queen mattress under $500. We understand not everyone can spend thousands on a new mattress, or perhaps it is a bed for the second bedroom.

It is not easy to find a decent quality mattress at this price point. You will find Bonnel Spring units mattresses or lower quality pocket sprung mattresses.

You can also find some lower-end rolled-in-a-box mattresses on eBay or online stores. 

If you are on a tight budget or only a short-term mattress, you should be able to find one within this price point.

Queen Mattress under $500 - Day Dream
Queen Mattress under $500 – Day Dream

Our Day Dream Queen size mattress – $399 is an excellent choice for a guest bedroom, rental properties, motels, or even a short-term alternative for yourself.


Queen mattresses between $500-$1000

Even if you are on a tight budget, if you are looking for a decent quality mattress for yourself, we recommend stretching to this price point. 

You will not regret spending a little more at this price point. Your satisfaction with your new mattress will jump up dramatically from under the $500 price point.

Within this price bracket, the quality of mattresses improves quite noticeably. If you are spending between $500-$1000, plenty of options will offer lots of value for your money.

Our Snooze Easy mattress ($699) and Divine mattress($899) offer great value for money as well as lots of comfort for your sleep.

Queen Mattress $500-$1000 - Snooze Easy mattress
Queen Mattress $500-$1000 – Snooze Easy


Queen Mattress $500-$1000 - Divine
Queen Mattress $500-$1000 – Divine

Queen mattress between $1000-$2000

This is the price range where most Aussies are happy to spend on a good quality new Queen mattress.

There are plenty of good-quality mattresses within this price point, and you will find many of them to be supportive, durable, and comfortable.

If this is your preferred price range, we will have Elegance Queen size mattress – for $1099, Daisy Dream Plus Queen size mattress – for $1399, and Supreme Comfort Queen size mattress for $1250.

Queen Mattress between $1000-$2000 - Elegance
Queen Mattress between $1000-$2000 – Elegance


Queen Mattress between $1000-$2000 - Daisy Dream Plus
Queen Mattress between $1000-$2000 – Daisy Dream Plus


Queen Mattress between $1000-$2000 - Supreme Comfort
Queen Mattress between $1000-$2000 – Supreme Comfort


Queen mattress between $2000-$5000

In this price bracket, you could get as good a mattress as anyone could get. 

You will find many excellent quality mattresses in this range with a sense of class or sophistication.

For a pocket-sprung mattress, we generally don’t think it will cost more than $3000 unless it is 100% handmade with tons of luxurious materials or natural fiber.

Depending on the brand, a full Latex mattress or a full memory foam mattress will cost between $2500 – $6000. 

We make a premium quality pocket sprung mattress –a Serenity Queen size mattress for $2299.


Queen Mattress between $2000-$5000 - Serenity
Queen Mattress between $2000-$5000 – Serenity

Queen mattress over $5000

If you are fortunate enough to spend over $5000 for a Queen size mattress, you will find some magnificent quality mattresses within this price range.

They could be 100% handmade, with natural fibers, titanium springs, and many other sophisticated features.

We usually recommend the price bracket between $700-$2500 as this is where most people feel most satisfied with their purchase.

We don’t see the massive jump in satisfaction from the $2000-$5000 bracket to the over $5000 bracket.

We hope this article clears up some of your confusion about the cost of mattresses.

As we mentioned before, the cost of the mattress only contributes one part towards your satisfaction with your purchase.

There are factors like; partner disturbance, temperature, firmness preference, etc.

Unit next time!

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