Always ‘stuck’ in negative thoughts? Your sleep could be the blame

Ever feel like “stuck” in negative thoughts?

Something that is insignificant to others but you just can’t get over it?

Finding yourself hard to shift your attention away from negative thoughts? Take a good look at how you sleep.

I have mentioned about REM and NREM sleep in previous article.(How come you can remember some dreams but some cannot?)

Today I will be talking about how lack of theses sleeps can mess with our brains.

We all know negative thoughts drain productivity and energy more than anything.

You tried to ignore it.

Tried stop whining about something. Done that.

You feel like you are “stuck” in the sea of negativity. How do I get out?

It is completely normal to have negative thoughts in life. It is part of life.

If you find yourself “stuck” in negative thoughts for extended period of time then keep reading.


The sleep and mood connection

I have talked about REM and NREM(How come you can remember some dreams but some cannot?)

We only have couple hours of deep sleep each night. And during the night, our brain goes between REM and NREM couple times.

We get more REM sleeps in the last half of the night. During REM, something extraordinary happens.

One of the stress-related chemical in our brain is switched off. This is the only time, day or night it happens.

It allows us to be calm and peaceful while our brains remain reprocess all the experience of the day. It helps us come to terms with particularly emotional events.

Due to that, if you have broken sleep and woken up unexpectedly, your brain may not have dealt with all your emotions.

It could leave you stressed and anxious.

Drinking alcohol is a big no no as it reduces your REM for the night.


An interesting experiment was conducted in University of Oxford(Just a few nights of bad sleep upsets your brain)

The result is remarkable.

Volunteers who are restricted to sleep 4 hours per night for 3 nights.

3 of 4 volunteers claim the experience unpleasant. There were increase in anxiety, depression, stress also mistrust of other people increase.

The last volunteer claims there was no side effect to his wellbeing but upon testing. It shows there is a decrease in his positive thinking and spent longer to ignore negative emotions.

They all admit they have more negative thoughts when they are sleep-deprived and they are stuck in them.


To me, the result is remarkable how 3 nights of disturbed sleep affected us.

If you find yourself “stuck” in the ocean of negativity, you should check if you have the relevant tools to help you sleep.

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