Who are we?

We are a family-run business who design, craft and manufacturing and retailing mattresses for over 25 years! We are the chiefs of our very own mattresses.

In R&B Bedding, we are passionate about offering affordable and luxury sleep solutions along with easy and pleasant shopping experience. Here are what we believe:

  • No mattresses we mean any mattresses should cost more than $4000 dollars
  • A smart investment towards your main mattress should range between $500-$2000
  • You should expect your investment last no less than 5 years
  • No one should put up with the wrong mattress or a worn out uncomfortable mattress hence no one should lose sleep because of an uncomfortable mattress

Most importantly

  • You should see the full specification of any mattresses you purchasing and discuss them with the seller

Our Mission

R&B Bedding has a core vision since we opened our door years ago. To motivate individuals to be the best version of themselves by delivering quality sleep solutions.

01. No Smoke and Mirror

No made-up name for our raw material. We pride ourselves in being transparent and honest to our clients.

02. Quality

We DO NOT smash our mattresses and rolled up into a cardboard box. While it does save the sellers a lot of money in terms of delivery and freight charge, we refuse to compromise the quality of the mattresses to save a few dollars for a long-term investment.

03. Mutual Respect

We refuse to become the kind of business which beg/friendly before the sale and ignorant/careless after the sale. Our relationships with our clients remain the SAME before and after the sale.

04. We listen

The whole mattress buying experience is all about YOU and your family. We refuse to assume everyone has the same reason buying a new mattress. We listen to individuals’ need and guide them through accordingly.

05. No pitch only guidance

We don’t pitch our products to just whoever walk into our office. We guide people through what options work better according to their preferences and needs.

06. We are the chief of our mattresses

You don’t often get to talk to the chief who cooked your delicious dinner but in here you are talking right to the chief. You can ask what ingredients, what sauce and how we come up with our mattresses.

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