About Us

The Brand “R&B Bedding” is founded in 2014 by a family here in Adelaide. 

Our mission is to deliver a better sleep experience across Australia.

We want to make “mattress shopping” simple by creating a quiet, cozy showroom, no pressure, stress-free environment, and, more importantly, fair prices every day.

We have dedicated ourselves to elevate the whole “Mattress Shopping” experience. 

Our veteran product development team continues to produce luxurious quality mattresses, and our energetic front staff provides complete yet knowledgeable experience for our customers. 

We strived to change the perspective of “mattress shopping equals painful confusions and dealing with sleazy salespeople.” 

“Mattress shopping” is fun, enjoyable and you can learn a lot from your mattress shopping too. 

By offering that experience, we then able to achieve our goal. “To improve sleep quality for everyday Australians.”


We don’t use fancy make up names for our materials. While it sounds impressive, it doesn’t offer any real benefits to the quality of your sleep. We pride ourselves in being 100% transparent and demonstrate how a particular mattress or material improves your sleep quality.


By minimizing our overheads, we invest the majority of resources into testing, researching, and designing our mattresses. We do not have a vast shopfront and massive overheads. We place the majority of our attention on “How a particular mattress suits you?” and “How our clients achieve better sleep? 


We do not hire commission-based salespeople. We realize it creates hunters and not helpers. We are here to serve and deliver better quality sleep to everyday Australians.


We always know people are spending to achieve better quality sleep and a more refreshing morning. We understand you are not ONLY buying the mattress/the bed. You are also investing in your slumbers, and that is what we deliver. Our Comfort Guarantee ensures your investments go towards your sleep and provide you with a more refreshing morning.