Doing your research for your next mattress?

Good! Here are 8 terrible mistakes to avoid buying the wrong one.

#1 Don’t look for vague terms like “Best mattress for _________”

Regardless of what advisement you are reading, there isn’t one perfect mattress that would fit everyone. It just doesn’t exist.

If you are looking for one that is best for a lower back issue,

the back issue comes with all kinds of causes and symptoms.

Back pain comes with all kinds of shapes and sizes.

One that works for one person with back pain.

It doesn’t automatically make that one works for you.

That is why it is strongly recommended to try one out in a showroom along with your pillow.

Lie in the position you usually sleep in. Spend a good 5 minutes laying down in the same position. (P.s you shouldn’t feel like you need to turn or switch side within 5 minutes, If you do, the firmness isn’t right.)

#2 Don’t make your decision upon the length of the warranty

A 20 years warranty mattress doesn’t make it better than a 10 years warranty mattress.

Manufacturer warranty usually only covers manufacture defects on the mattress.

And if you got burnt buying a mattress before.

You will know warranty claim is a long process that usually leaves you frustrated and eventually gives up. (At R&B Bedding, we offer 10 years factory replacement warranty on defects within 5 business days.)

The key is to have a realistic expectation of the comfort life of your investment.

#3 Don’t rush into buying

This rule applies to every buying decision.

Instead of shopping for a mattress after work or before picking up the kids,

shop on a weekend or day-off when there is no pressure on timing.

If you have visitors coming in a month, don’t leave it till the last minute.

Once you have narrowed down your options, spend 10 – 20 minutes on the mattress.

Indeed, you can’t truly feel if this is the one for you.

That’s why always looking for a store who offers a trial period and utilize it.

#4 Don’t buy only because it’s on sale

This is properly the most common mistake people made when buying a new mattress.

When a store offers a day-only discount or “I like you and I will do this price if you buy now” discount, it is a very obvious sign of the store doesn’t have the best interest at heart.

I have discussed in my previous blog post about  (How do you smell dishonest sales associates and stores?)

A store offers you a special deal today. They will likely offer you the same deal the next day or next Friday, therefore, don’t rush! (unless it is a floor stock they want to get rid of it.)

Remember any price is too much for the wrong one

#5 Don’t rely on customer views for choosing your mattress

Comfort is a very subjective matter. A reviewer that compliments how comfy the mattress is.

Great that means the mattress is comfortable “For them”

Individuals reviews do very little help in what the mattress will do for you and your partner.

Online reviews, however, are great for finding out common issues that particular brand or stores have.

E.g 5 reviews all saying the store has terrible after-sale support.

20 reviews all saying the mattress is too thin.

15 reviews saying deliveries are much later than the agreed date.

These are some information that you could keep in mind to manage expectation from this particular store or brand.

#6 Don’t be too cheap on a mattress

To a certain extent, you get what you pay for.

According to the Choice magazine, the price range which provides most consumer satisfaction is between $500 – $1500.

Given your body is going to be laying on the mattress at least a couple hours each night for roughly the next 8-10 years.

It’s worth the spending the most you can reasonably afford – as opposed to paying the least you can get away with.

Studies show consumer who spends $500 or less / $3000 or more on a brand new queen mattress. Their satisfaction level decreased dramatically.

#7 Don’t ignore what’s inside the mattress

You are buying a mattress with your eyes shut if you are not asking questions about what’s inside the mattress.

Always get to the bottom of the smoke and mirror retailers trying to create.

Don’t settle for words like “premium” foam or “high quality” coils

Ask the sales consultant about the density of the foam and coil gauge of the coils.

A reputable store or sleep consultant will be open about the specification of their product.

If they are not, walk away. (There are more choices than ever in today’s marketplace)

#8 Don’t go to every single store

As I mentioned above, there are more choices than ever today.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go to every bed store possible.

Overloading yourself with options will usually lead to no-decision.

When doing your research online, narrow down 3-5 stores or online options and choose within.

Buying your new mattress should be an educational and joyful experience kind of like a guided tour.

Still confused about what you should be doing for your mattress research?

Have you thought about these important questions before you purchase any mattresses?

Use our mattress selector to answer these questions first before you rush into one  (Mattress Selector)

Good luck with your mattress hunt!

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