7 Ways to make your expensive mattress last longer

How do you make your expensive mattress last?

You have finally found your dream mattress and it has a big price tag on it.

While many factors can alter the lifespan of a mattress, there are things we can do to make your expensive mattress last.

Keeping your mattress dry and clean is always a good start but how exactly?

In this blog, we will talk about 7 different ways to make your expensive mattress last.

#1 Use a waterproof mattress protector

I can not stress enough about the importance of a good waterproof mattress protector.

A good waterproof mattress protector will prevent up to 90% of fluids, liquids, bodily oil, dead skin cell, food stains, hair and the list goes on.

There are two popular types of mattress protectors.

They are fitted and encasement.

Fitted mattress protector goes on your bed as a fitted sheet does. 

They are very common in the market and you can see them in almost every linen stores 

They are easy to get on and off your bed. They are also very affordable.

Most of the time, it covers only the surface of your mattress and the sides are mainly made of just polyester. 

Encasement mattress protector does what the name suggests. They encase and protect all six sides of your mattress including the bottom. 

They tend to have a zip on the side. 

They are exceptionally good at avoiding allergens and preventing bedbugs into the mattress.

One of the main reason I strongly recommend a mattress protector is that it prevents your warranty being voided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer warranties won’t cover any soiled or stained mattresses.

Having a good mattress protector will protect you from getting your warranty voided.

Your mattress will last longer too!

If you have a soiled or stained mattress, I have talked about 5 ways to clean your expensive mattress.

#2 Make sure your mattress is properly supported

It is extremely important to have a solid foundation for your expensive mattress.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a new expensive bed frame or foundation.

But you have to aware of your existing foundation.

Check with your manufacturer and make sure your existing foundation is suitable for your new expensive mattress.

If you have a slatted foundation, make sure the slats are not too far apart (ideally no more than 7cm apart). 

If you are looking for a new solid foundation, you can check our foundation here.

#3 Avoiding jumping on the bed

This is properly a hard one for families.

But, jumping on the bed is not only dangerous but it is not doing your new mattress any favor.

It puts unnecessary pressure on your bed and it could potentially damage the inner layer of your new mattress.

A mattress is designed to provide comfort and support although it looks like a trampoline to the young ones.

Try to avoid jumping on the bed, it prevents a lot of potential damage.

#4 Rotate and flip your mattress regularly

Rotating and flipping your mattress used to be a regular thing that we do years ago.

The new generation of mattresses mostly has a thick pillow top made on one side.

They can’t be flipped anymore but rotating the mattress help the mattress last longer.

Sleeping in the same spot every night can wear out one specific spot very quickly.

Rotate or flip your mattress once or twice every 3 months.

You will get more life out of your expensive mattress.

#5 Vacuum your mattress 

Even with a good waterproof mattress protector, dust mites, bodily oils, hairs might still get through.

Vacuum your mattress at least once every 3 months.

Or better, quickly vacuum the mattress every time you change your bedding.

Places like the edges of the mattress and the gaps between stitching are where dust mites and skill cells accumulate.

Clean those areas regularly will help prevent allergy and asthma. 

#6 Don’t create a situation when bedbugs can get in

Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown and small bugs.

They can hide easily in all types of bedding (your beloved pet included)

They feed on blood from a host and tend to be more active at night.

An encasement mattress protector is a good barrier for bedbugs. 

If you have a beloved bed and will get depressed if your beloved pet can’t sleep on your nice warm bed.

A good encasement mattress protector is a good alternative.

Keeping your room cleaned and organized so bed bugs have a fewer place to hide.

Bed bugs are great hitch-hikers. They can easily hide in second-hand furniture. 

When you are buying a piece of second-hand furniture, you should be aware of the risk too.

#7 Encase the mattress in a package every time you move it

If you are moving, make sure you put your mattress inside a fully sealed plastic or package.

That way, it keeps it from collecting dust, dirt and other potential issues (bed bugs included).

It can also prevent it from unexpected rainfall.


So there you have it. If you have tried everything above, unfortunately, your old mattress is not only dirty but also uncomfortable.

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