2 Common Misunderstandings about mattress

2 Common misunderstandings about mattress

A lot of our customers will have this “Ah-Ha” moment when I am explaining differences between mattresses.

Or to be more specific, when we are discovering the differences between the feeling of the mattresses.

When we are designing our mattresses, there are a lot more things other than firm medium soft in terms of how the mattress feels.

Today I will be sharing 2 Common misunderstandings I have encountered when I am talking to customers.

Harder = Better Support or More Supportive

A lot of my customers associates firm with support of a mattress.

While there are some degree of correlation, they are not quite the same thing.

Sometimes I heard doctors got them mixed up too.

From a mattress specialist perspective, the definition of firm is the amount of force pushes back against our body while laying down.

When the definition of support is how well the mattress holds our body weight and keeps our spin align regardless of what position you sleeping.

They are not quite the same.

Although I see why majority of people perceive firm as more supportive, it is because most firmer mattress do perform better in terms of spinal alignment.

However it all comes down to your body size, weight and body shape.

Therefore if you blindly chase after a HARD mattress simply because you have a bad back.

You might get disappointed because they are not the same thing.

On the other hand, a lot of customers will associate soft as lack of support that will lead to bad back.

As mentioned above, they are not quite the same thing.

Thru a deeper discovery conversation with a sleep consultant can often achieve this.

Most of our customers will actually thank us for recommending something softer than they are used to yet achieve a much better sleep quality and longer deep sleep.

Most people don’t get to have these deeper discovery conversation with a “Mattress Salesperson” therefore they have to rely on their own judgement and research.

They will pick a firmer mattress which they will feel okay and satisfied with but not the full potential of a perfect mattress can achieve. (What should I consider when buying a new mattress?)

Benefit and Features vs Suitability

My staffs know me very well. I am a big “NO NO” to selling benefits and features to our customers.

It has absolute zero value toward sleep satisfaction when you don’t know if it is a good fit.

We are not selling phones and electronic devices. Our product has a direct impact upon health.

I told my customers the exact same thing.

That “XYZ Gel” or “Pluto magic dust” within a particular mattress has nothing to do with your sleep satisfaction.

Do not make a purchase decision based on a “Cool” feature. Focus on suitability and valuable contribution towards your sleep quality.

That’s 2 of the most common mistakes when it comes down to mattresses.

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